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The theme for TED's conference in Vancouver in April 2024 is "The Brave and the Brilliant". We are adopting this same theme here in Australia for TEDxMaldon to be held Saturday 4th May. 


What is this theme about?  


To thrive, we humans will have to raise our game. We must figure out the best forms of collaboration with AI and confidently reassert the values that truly, deeply matter. TEDs 40th anniversary is a celebration of a future worth having and those leading the way with creativity, ingenuity, courage, wisdom and generosity.

Apply to be a speaker: in 2024, we want to be surprised! 

To be a speaker at TEDxMaldon 2024 in May, we challenge you to share ideas which surprise and delight us. It could be a "mash-up" of two very different ideas, where you articulate a clear connection between two seemingly contrasting concepts and use your talk to provide us with new insight; or your talk might be based on a surprising premise which you prove to be a truth through your own learning and experience. TED examples of surprising talks and ideas are: "How a cat changed my life", "Build a school in the cloud", "Embrace the shake", "Do schools kill creativity", "The enchanting music of sign language", "The orchestra in my mouth".

How will you be brave and brilliant? How will you surprise us?

Apply below. Submissions close 5pm Wednesday 31 January.


By nominating you have read and can abide by the TEDx rules and Speaker Guide and to be available for the event on Saturday 4th May. Submissions close 5pm Wednesday 31 January.

Thanks for registering.



All speakers agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. You agree to abide by the rules of speaking at a TEDx event (click to read).

  2. There is no payment for TED speakers, it is a not-for-profit event, and any income or support from sponsorship or tickets sales go directly towards all expenses for the event ​

  3. The broad theme of TEDxMaldon in May 2024 is being 'brave and brilliant'.

  4. Your TED talk must be a minimum of 8 minutes and a maximum of 12 minutes (preferably 10 minutes)

  5. There is no panel or Q&A after your talk. Once you have finished your talk, there will be a 2 minute change-over break and you will be invited to sit and watch the other talks at the event 

  6. Your TED talk should be surprising; you need to articulate how your idea or talk will surprise audiences and provide a clear call to action. 

  7. All speakers undertake a selection process and you will be selected based on the potential interest of your talk to a local and global audience and the diversity of the final list of talks (we want a range of diverse topics) 

  8. No sponsor or organiser of the event can also be a speaker; no talks can promote an business, sponsor or organisation

  9. No talks with an inflammatory political or religious agenda, nor polarizing “us vs them” language

  10. We seek to build consensus and provide outside-the-box thinking, not to revisit familiar, unresolvable disputes on these topics

  11. If selected, you must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the event commencing to ensure you are present, ready and available to participate 

  12. TEDxMaldon is a licensed TEDx event and talks will be published on the TEDx YouTube Channel 

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