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TEDx comes to Maldon. Come and hear a few seriously exciting, inspiring speakers on a range of hot topics, inviting us to take action to make the world a better place.


SAVE THE DATE: The event will be Saturday 1 July (times and venue to be determined; tickets on sale in May). 

At this stage, we are seeking the region's best speakers on hot topics. If you know of any outstanding scientists, social entrepreneurs, change-makers, inventors, environmentalists, designers, thinkers, historians, creatives, corporates and community-builders from Maldon, Castlemaine, Woodend, Kyneton, Bendigo, Ballarat or surrounding areas, please nominate them using the form below and we will make contact with them. Yes, you can nominate yourself. 

By signing up below, you (as a potential TEDxMaldon speaker) agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. There is no payment for TEDx speakers, it is a not-for-profit event, and any income or support from sponsorship or tickets sales go directly towards all expenses for the event ​

  2. Your TEDx talk must be a minimum of 8 minutes and a maximum of 18 minutes (at 15 minutes, a bell will ring as a warning)

  3. There is no panel or Q&A after your talk. Once you have finished your talk, there will be a 2 minute change-over break and you will be invited to sit and watch the other talks at the event 

  4. Your TEDx talk should be about a broad, relevant theme, a clear, focused topic the local audience will be interested in and a very specific idea, theory or proposition you think could make a big difference in healing or helping the world regarding your chosen theme (your talk must include a call to action, something for the audience and viewers to do as a result of hearing and seeing your talk) neral

  5. Speakers undertake a selection process and you will be selected based on the potential interest of your talk to a local and global audience and the diversity of the final list of talks (we want a range of diverse topics) 

  6. No sponsor or organiser of the event can also be a speaker

  7. If selected, you must arrive 15 minutes prior to the event commencing to ensure you are present, ready and available to participate 

  8. TEDxMaldon is a licensed TEDx event and talks will be published on the TEDx website 

TEDxMaldon Nomination Form

Nominate someone extraordinary

Thanks for making a nomination.

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