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Got a story to tell...about yourself, a loved one, your business, event, project or passion? Ever considered a short video or film to tell your story and promote it to the world?

Let's work together to capture and share your story!


Story is a creative collaboration to capture your story, on film, for others to be entertained by or engaged with. Build your profile. Increase your audience. Document your show or exhibition. Record your event. Keep someone's story alive. Sell a product or service. Make yourself visible. Let's do it together. Because together is better.


Check out the examples below and call us on 0400344746 or email the team at 'Together is Better' to discuss how we can best capture and share your story.

The Service

What we do:

  • Websites

  • Films, videos or slideshows to tell your story

  • Photography 

  • Podcasts

  • Newsletters or e-letters

  • Marketing strategies

  • Social media pages and campaigns

The Offer

What our team provides:

  • A responsive, collaborative process to discuss and develop a film, website, podcast, newsletter or social media campaign to capture your story and promote your brand, business, art, event, project or passion

  • A book-end approach from start to finish, from early discussions about what you want to the edited finished product ready to share and promote your work, business, event, project or passion

  • A tailored experience to match your interests and ambitions in telling your story and sharing it with others

  • Reasonable fees to make it affordable for you and to suit your specific needs

  • A time-specific product targeted to connect with your audiences which suits your schedule

  • Suggestions and ideas for sharing and promotion to build your profile, increase your audience or grow awareness of your brand, business, art, event, project or passion

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