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TEDxMaldonWomen offers an unparalleled environment to engage with uplifting ideas on advancing gender equity. The theme for TEDxMaldonWomen 2023 is OPEN A-GENDER, inviting a diverse range of speakers to share their ideas on the broad subject of gender, to empower you to take bold strides with other innovators who are doing the same. The stage is set and the floor is wide open.

Saturday 28 October, Progress Hall, Maldon, VIC


10am-11:30am Saturday 28 October

  1. Azzy Jay

  2. Belinda Young 

  3. Kathryn Coff

  4. Lauren Starr

  5. Summer Howarth and Evie Garvey

TEDxMaldonWomen - Session 1 includes a range of talks to inspire, delight and enlighten you about the power of people, women and community. The session includes a few extraordinary highlights: Australian of the Year, Belinda Young, talking about her regional/rural project 'Mums of the Hills', educational leader extraordinaire, Summer Howarth, and 8 year old Evie Garvey, talk about why teachers and students should be partners and locals: Azzy Jay talking about the power of activating a town, Kathryn Coff sharing her views on joy and laughter being key to good leadership and Lauren Starr, winner of the richest art prize in Australia talking about the inner-artist and staying true to yourself.


1pm-2:30pm Saturday 28 October

  1. Emma Bennison

  2. Sarah Duncanson

  3. Lauren Sayer

  4. Andrea Khong

  5. Maree Edwards

  6. Janet Bromley

TEDxMaldonWomen - Session 2 is a feast of brilliant speakers and ideas: Emma Bennison, Chief Innovation Officer for Life Without Barriers talking about the courage it takes for a more connected, compassionate community; Maree Edwards, keen to contest negative perceptions of women in leadership roles and advocate for more women to share their voice. The session includes Lauren Sayer, a Super Power with a superpower to share, Andrea Khong on how being quiet can speak volumes, local health practitioner, Sarah Duncanson, on the ongoing urgent need for care (particularly for children) beyond emergency visits to the hospital; and Janet Bromley, on networking from a First Nations perspective.


3:30pm-5pm Saturday 28 October

  1. Megan Rogers

  2. Jaala Pulford

  3. Isabella Frappier

  4. Jude Hannah 

  5. Michele Clark

  6. Jacinta Parsons

TEDxMaldonWomen - Session 3 includes speakers who will move you and ideas that will inspire and change you for the better: internationally renowned pleasure mentor, Isabella Frappier, the Honorary Jaala Pulford, originally from Muckleford, former politician and current Vice Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Melbourne speaking about the 'imposter syndrome'. Session three also includes published author, Megan Rogers, speaking about restrictions on dreaming, Jude Hannah, providing us with a How to Guide to Conscious Community Leadership, Michele Clark, Director of the Office for Women in Victoria, talking about gender bias in government decision-making and media personality, Jacinta Parsons with a fascinating talk on gender and ageism. 



All speakers agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. You agree to abide by the rules of speaking at a TEDx event (click to read).

  2. There is no payment for TEDx speakers, it is a not-for-profit event, and any income or support from sponsorship or tickets sales go directly towards all expenses for the event ​

  3. The broad theme of TEDxMaldonWomen is gender.

  4. Your TEDx talk must be a minimum of 8 minutes and a maximum of 12 minutes (at 10 minutes, a bell will ring as a warning)

  5. There is no panel or Q&A after your talk. Once you have finished your talk, there will be a 2 minute change-over break and you will be invited to sit and watch the other talks at the event 

  6. Your TEDx talk should include the broad theme of gender and be based on a clear, focused topic the local audience will be interested in; as well as a very specific idea, theory or proposition you think could make a big difference in healing or helping the world regarding your chosen theme (your talk must include a call to action, something for the audience and viewers to do as a result of hearing and seeing your talk)

  7. All speakers undertake a selection process and you will be selected based on the potential interest of your talk to a local and global audience and the diversity of the final list of talks (we want a range of diverse topics) 

  8. No sponsor or organiser of the event can also be a speaker

  9. No talks with an inflammatory political or religious agenda, nor polarizing “us vs them” language

  10. We seek to build consensus and provide outside-the-box thinking, not to revisit familiar, unresolvable disputes on these topics

  11. If selected, you must arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to the event commencing to ensure you are present, ready and available to participate 

  12. TEDxMaldon is a licensed TEDx event and talks will be published on the TEDx website 

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